Idan Rafael Haviv (born on February 7, 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist, self-taught, openly dealing with different artistic genres in parallel, such as painting, visual arts, poetry, photography and more.

Idan is best known for his albums "A little bit each time" and "Lose interest in Time" which he composed and wrote all the songs, as well as creating the content of the albums brochures, once in a series of paintings of poignant figures and once in a collection of original collages.

Idan was born in Rehovot Israel, but spent most of his adolescent years in Reut Israel. Idan joined the Israeli Navy Comando fleet in 1998, and was discharged in 2004 with the rank of captain, with his release Idan began his artistic career independently.

In 2011 Idan issued the debut album "A little bit each time" and in 2013 his second album "Lose interest in Time", both albums were musically produced by Gilad Shmueli and reached gold album status.

Idan collaborated with The Idan Raichel Project's songs, "Mom, Dad and all the rest" and "At night" which won song of the year 2013. Idan wrote the song "Until you return" Yuval Dayan.

During 2014 Idan had his first art exhibition of his work at a gallery in Jaffa curetted by Guy Morag Tzflobitz.

In early 2015 Idan photographed, directed and edited the first music video for the song "Who touched you" which he wrote at the beginning of his musical career, thus came into another creative field of photography and video editing. Today, Idan continues to create and perform simultaneously working on another album.